DSP Viral Video Download Link – DSP Viral Video

dsp viral video
DSP Viral Video

DSP Viral Video- In this article, we are going to talk about the DSP Viral Video, in which the name of the DSP is Hiralal Saini and he is from Rajasthan Police.

DSP Viral Video Download Link – DSP Viral Video

The DSP Hiralal Saini is from Rajasthan Police and the Lady constable is also from Rajasthan Police. In the video, a 6-year-old boy is also there who is the son of that lady constable.DSP viral video download link.

This video is about one or one and a half months old but it is getting viral now. In this video, the DSP can be seen nude in a swimming pool with a lady constable and she is also seen nude and they both are enjoying in the swimming pool. There are 2 videos of this DSP and the second video’s length is 2 minutes and 53 seconds. DSP viral video download link.

In the video, the DSP is forcing the kid to dance and do vulgar things as they are doing. And the most important thing is that in the video we can see that the lady constable is looking at the camera many times and that shows that they were themselves making videos. DSP viral video download link.

DSP Viral Video Reaction

The reaction after watching that video is not in the favour of the DSP Hiralal and he has been suspended along with that lady constable. This video is said to be shot in Jaipur and in an Indoor Swimming pool. According to the sources, this video was first uploaded by the lady constable on her WhatsApp story and after that people downloaded this video. The video was deleted from the stories after 13 minutes from upload. DSP viral video

Lady constable’s husband had also filed a report in Chitawa Police Station in Nagaur District. But due to pressure, the case was not investigated. But after some time when no action was taken against the DSP, he complained to the SP and resulting to the suspension of DSP. DSP viral video

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